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A viola is similar to a pansy but with smaller plants with smaller flowers, but lots of them. We recommend violas for planting in baskets and containers since their smaller size is more in proportion to other plants used at this time of year. They are also less likely to 'flop', the way pansies can.

We stock a wide range of colours including 'Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow' with flowers which open white and slowly turn lilac over the following days. Another unusual colour is Frosted Chocolate with flowers of chocolate brown with a hint of lavender.

We have a number of new varieties for 2006 including Red with Blotch - the first truly red viola we have seen - and Alpine Summer, a plant with a lax, trailing habit making it emminently suitable for winter baskets. The flowers are yellow with a purple wing.

Please note that all items are offered subject to availability and all dates listed are approximate. This applies especially near the start and end of the season. Please phone first before travelling a long distance. All prices quoted are correct at the time of writing but may be varied without notice.