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Winter Pansies

Probably most peoples favourite for winter bedding is the winter pansy. All our varieties bear exceptionally large flowers in all but the coldest weather. We grow both the 'traditional' plain colours as well as an increasing number of specials such as Rose Surprise and Lavender Shades. The flowers on Rose Surprise are a charming mix of rose-red mottled with yellow in a variety of shades. Lavnder Shades has flowers, as the name suggests, in a variety of shades of lavender-blue.

As with all autumn bedding we recommend you plant pansies as early as possible. That way they can get established before the cold weather sets in. Our pansies are ready from early September.

Also beware of very small plants being sold at what might seem like bargain prices. These simply won't get established before the winter and will only serve to disappoint. All our plants are sold as sturdy plants in 6-packs and larger plants in four inch pots.

New for 2006 is Copperfield with rich copper-red blooms and Pure violet with deep purple blooms.

Please note that all items are offered subject to availability and all dates listed are approximate. This applies especially near the start and end of the season. Please phone first before travelling a long distance. All prices quoted are correct at the time of writing but may be varied without notice.