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Ready Planted Baskets

We have been designing, making and supplying hanging baskets to the local community for over twenty years. Some of our customers have even entered our baskets in competitions such as Fareham in bloom and won awards.

Styles available include stunning wire baskets, showy wicker baskets and plastic ones for those on a tight budget. One of our specialities is the 'bedding ball'. We use a wire basket and plant it with busy lizzies, begonias or other bedding plants in such a way that it gives a globe of colour for the entire summer.

For our baskets we chose plants from our extensive range of basket plants as well as including geraniums and fuchsias and the best of our bedding range. We also stock a large range of ready made fuchsia baskets. Our staff are experts at which plants combine well together and will produce the most colour.

All our baskets include Osmocote long release fertilizer tablets. Osmocote contains enough fertilizer to last the basket for the entire season. All you need to do is water.

We start planting baskets for summer in early April and they are available until the end of the summer, when we switch to our winter baskets.

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