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Fuchsia Blue Eyes (basket)

Fuchsia Blue Eyes (basket)
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Ready Made Fuchsia Baskets

Every year we make up several hundred fuchsia hanging baskets for sale on the nursery. We make these, mostly, from cuttings which have been rooted the previous autumn.

This gives healthy established plants which will grow vigorously and make in impressive show. The baskets are planted in December or January so they will be well established by the time we come to sell them.

We put three plants per basket, and keep them regularly pinched and pruned so they form an excellent shape. During May they start coming in to flower.

In each basket we put enough Osmocote slow release fertiliser to last the entire summer season - all you need to do is water.

We firmly believe the above makes our baskets the best you will find in the area.

The baskets are ready for sale from February onwards and start to sell out during June. Come early for the best range of varieties.

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