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Geranium Shocking Orange (zonal type)

Geranium Shocking Orange (zonal type)
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Geraniums (properly, pelargoniums) have many uses in the summer garden, from bedding out to display plants in tubs to giving colour in the centre of a hanging basket.

We stock a number of different types, including:

  • Zonal - vigorous plants with rounded heads of flower borne above the foliage. Use them in tubs or the tops of baskets. Can also be used for bedding out.;

  • Bedding - an economy version of the zonal type sold in packs for bedding out;

  • Ivy/trailing - trailing foliage and flower heads ideal for hanging baskets or window boxes (these are often seen used in window boxes in alpine regions);

  • Regal - plants bearing a mass of flower closer to the foliage than zonal types. Use as zonal types;

  • Scented leaf - larger plants with interestingly scented foliage. Plant near a pathway so you get the scent as you brush past.

  • Care
    Geraniums are easy to look after, plant them in well drained soil and make sure they don't get too wet - they prefer to be kept slightly on the dry side.

    Most types (other than bedding varieties) can be kept from year to year provided they are kept frost free and fairly dry over winter.

    Geraniums and Pelargoniums
    Strictly speaking the term geranium refers to the hardy geraniums found in the perennial border. However, the word is also the common name for the genus Pelargonium. These are sun loving tender perennials usually grown as annuals.

    Available from February to June depending on the type. We also keep a selection of zonal geraniums in 3 litre pots for sale all year. Most types are also available as plug plants.
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