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Fuchsias    Fuchsias in Pots
Fuchsia Susan Green (basket)

Fuchsia Susan Green (basket)
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Fuchsias in Pots

We grow over 400 varieties of fuchsia. All of these are available in 10.5cm (4 inch) pots. Hardy and upright types are also grown in 3L and large, 5L tubs.

The 10.5cm pots are ideal for growing on. Trailing types can be planted straight into a basket (we recommend three plants to a 14 inch wicker basket). Hardy types can be put straight out in the garden once the danger of frost has passed.

Upright types are good for temporary summer planting outside, or for use in mixed baskets and planters. Some of our upright types are marked as 'patio' type. These are compact varieties which bear a large amount of flower and are particularly recommended for mixed baskets and planters.

All out plants are kept well pinched. This forms a good growing habit which both looks better and gives more flower (more stems = more growing tips = more flower).

Potted fuchsias are available all year, but we will have the greatest range available from February until late May.

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