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Fuchsia Golden Anniversary (basket)

Fuchsia Cuttings

We are fuchsia specialists with over 400 varieties available. Our cuttings are mostly rooted on the nursery and are well rooted and usually pinched out.

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Fuchsia Susan Green (basket)

Fuchsias in Pots

Our fuchsias are available in a range of pot sizes. The entire range in 10.5cm (4 inch) pots as well as hardy and upright types in 3L and 5L tubs.

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Fuchsia Blue Eyes (basket)

Ready Made Fuchsia Baskets

Every winter we make up fuchsia baskets from cuttings taken the previous autumn. With regularly pinching and a healthy dose of long-term fertiliser we can promise you the best fuchsia baskets in the area at competitive prices.

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Fuchsia Swimgtime (basket, suitable as a standard)

Fuchsia Whips and Standards

A standard fuchsia can make an impressive sight in a garden. We sell both ready grown standards or whips - young, trained plants for growing on into standards.

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